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Please note that I am a provider on some but not all insurance panels. If you are planning on using your insurance for mental health services, please verify that I am contracted with your plan prior to the first visit and provide your insurance information so that I may verify your benefits. See my Disclosure statement below for updated details regarding fees.

I understand that during difficult times in life, finances can sometimes prevent people from seeking the help we need. In order to offer my services in times like these, I offer a sliding fee scale. In such cases, I will work with you on a sliding fee scale to find a mutually agreed upon fee given your individual financial circumstance.

Approach and Specialties

I offer a safe, non-judgmental space for my clients to feel truly seen and heard. I believe people have inner wisdom, and that healing can occur in the sacred relational space between client and therapist. I see my role as helping clients to peel back the layers of self-limiting beliefs, emotional blocks, and other barriers that can keep them from discovering their authentic selves, and ultimately leading the lives they truly desire. I have an active direct counseling style which combines genuine empathic listening with therapeutic challenges and splashes of humor. I strive to combine my philosophical and psychological insights with my more pragmatic skills training (self-care skills, relaxation training, conflict-resolution and communication skills, etc). Depending on the individual's needs, I incorporate a variety of evidence-based practices including Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT). I have experience collaborating with other healthcare providers to help facilitate medication interventions when necessary.

My primary areas of focus include anxiety, depression, stress-management, trauma, relationship issues, attachment-related issues, mood disorders, parenting concerns, and women's issues (fertility, pregnancy, postpartum issues, menopause).

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