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"Life is an ongoing process of choosing between safety, out of fear and need for defense and risk, for the sake of progress and growth. Make the growth choice a dozen times a day"-Abraham Maslow
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Welcome to the psychotherapy practice of Emilie Diesen.

Welcome to the psychotherapy practice of Emilie Diesen. Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I offer individual psychotherapy and counseling services via telehealth to teenagers and adults both in Washington and North Carolina. I look forward to working together with you toward holistic health, fulfillment and healing. Finding a good fit and connection with your therapist is important, so please feel free to contact me to schedule a 10 minute complimentary phone consultation.

My primary areas of focus include anxiety, depression, stress-management, trauma, relationship issues, attachment-related issues, mood disorders, parenting concerns, and women's issues (fertility, pregnancy, postpartum issues, menopause).

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“You've been a tremendous help in opening my eyes to all of the things I have the capacity and strength to change, to make my life something I can feel empowered in and excited about”-Sarah from Washington